Europe Sideways is a new travel concept from JayWay Travel that guests have been enjoying since 2015.

In 2006 JayWay Travel was established with the aim of offering a hybrid of independent travel and the conveniences of a group tour. This ‘semi-independent’ approach strikes a balance between the freedom of choosing how you spend your vacation time with the ease of someone else taking care of all the arrangements.

A Sideways look at travel

This approach works wonderfully if you are staying in larger cities with established tourism infrastructures. However often it’s what’s found between the cities that makes a country special. From natural sights and  historic towns to the passionate artisans that inhabit these places, there are some experiences that are impossible to find on your own. Europe Sideways is designed to fill that gap.

Not your first time to Italy? Great!

You may well have been to Italy before, Maybe you’ve seen the sights and museums of Rome, Florence and Venice, and have even ventured into Tuscany. Europe Sideways isn’t for the first-time visitor to Italy, it’s for those who want to explore deeper, to meet the winemakers, cheesemakers, chocolatiers, chefs and truffle hunters whose work makes up the rich tapestry of Italian gastronomy.

“Really” Small Groups

Some tour operators think that a group of 16 is still a small group tour. We don’t believe that at all. Our scheduled small group journeys have a capacity of 6 spaces. This way you have the intimate experience of visiting artisanal producers and being greeted as friends. We avoid the places where you ‘exit through the gift shop’ .

Beyond gastronomy

Our journeys are not solely dedicated to food and wine. A rich cultural program is interwoven with the tastings and delicious meals. The destinations we have chosen provide us a rich palette of natural wonders, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, works of art and other points of interest.

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