Daniele is the creator of and tour leader for all the journeys we offer in Italy. In his own words: My first memories from childhood are about curiosity and discoveries. Since then, my dream was to get to know the world, meet and understand different cultures , learn about geography and history and share my findings and my passions with people around me. Every Italian likes to believe we are born with a special DNA makeup that includes a knowledge and love for food, wine and the pleasures of life. Whether or not that’s true, my first steps in the vast gourmet world were the teachings of my grandmother, a restaurant owner who was attentive enough to transmit to me her passion for recipes, traditions, dialects and the rich cultural and historic heritage of our region. So it was natural for me first to participate in and then to organize cooking workshops and social events. It has been a passionate, exciting journey of learning and discovery which continues every time I meet new cultures during my frequent travels around the world, especially in the less-obvious destinations. My degree in Aerospace Engineering and my MBA, as well as my long experience as an international manager in a global corporation has encouraged my dedication to details and planning. As a lover of the outdoors (in particular cycling, hiking, snowboarding and diving), I make sure to always give our guests chances to enjoy the splendid nature around us, offering endless opportunities for outdoor entertainment on all our journeys to the real heart of Italy and other European destinations. – Daniele Toniolo Check out our calendar and choose which delicious journey Daniele will be guiding you on.