We could not have asked for more

Daniele was an excellent tour guide, very friendly, very knowledgeable. We could not have asked for more. It was worth every penny and we would love to come back and see another part of Italy.

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Mark Welles

I would highly recommend Daniele

The beauty is unbelievable, the wine is terrific, the food is great. I would highly recommend Daniele and any tour in Italy with him. He has extensive knowledge of the area, was kind and truly listened to our needs.

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Katie Bell

I want to do it again!

Couldn’t have picked a better guide than Daniele. He’s absolutely fabulous, knowledgeable, knows the history of everything.

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Carol Mason

We enjoyed seeing everything being made

We enjoyed the trips and we enjoyed being in the actual places seeing everything being made. The conversation with Daniele was something unforgettable.

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Paula Corazza

More than I expected…

It was certainly more than I expected and we got an insider’s view of Italy. I enjoyed every facet of it.

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Judy Jenkins

It’s just a fabulous experience.

A perfect trip. You go to places you’d never find on your own with this wonderful guide Daniele who is so personable and knowledge and just introduces you to the real Italy.

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Mark Rosenberg