Destination: Matera

The tradition says that “Meteoron” was the name given by travellers to the unique settlement while approaching the honeycombed “Sassi” and the stars reflected upon them like a meteorites’ shower.
The third oldest human settlement in the world (after Jericho and Aleppo), with its millennial stones in the “Gravina” steep cliffs, a plethora of unique frescoed rupestrian churches , a well-deserved UNESCO world heritage site , 2019 European Capital of Culture with countless artistic events and installations, Matera seems suspended in time , a magic place where enchantment blends with sincerely warm welcoming and delicious cuisine

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Puglia Seaside Wonders & Matera

Enjoy the sumptuous seafood & wine delicacies of the Puglia, a true gem of the Mediterranean, and discover its stunning Unesco-heritage historic attractions and wonderful beaches. From the conical houses of Alberobello to the baroque wonders and Roman ruins of Lecce and Otranto, every day guarantees discoveries and emotions, with…

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